Communication with MaintainPad

Save TIME, MONEY and EFFORT by using MaintainPad

How it works:

  • Tenant to letting agent communication no longer needs lengthy phone calls or emails.
  • Transparent communication means that landlords can sign off on work without any hassle.
  • Contractors don't have to go through letting agents to set up convenient times to repair, they can contact the tenant directly.
  • Distrupting emails and phone calls will not interfere with your working day.

  • By streamlining the communication needed to complete repairs, maintenance gets finished in good time to a high standard.
  • Landlords are kept in the loop at all times, no need to update them.
  • Tenants know who is going to arrive before.
  • Live updates mean everyone know the progress of the repair job.

Step Towards Simplicity & Convenience

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