Facility Management

Step Towards Simplicity & Convenience

Facility Management

  • Dependency management. Coordinate different parties and see work progression easily.
  • Alerts and reminders for compliance checking.
  • Manage and keep track of assets using RFID and QR-codes. Including rotational assets.
  • Integrates with your existing Property Management System.

Communicate Simply

Asset Managment

Alerts & Reminders

Simplified Work Orders

Instant Quotation


Simplified Work Orders

Customised Calendar

Facilities Managers

Effective Communication
Maintainpad makes it easy to receive, organise and prioritise repairs within your portfolio, so backlog can’t build up and work gets completed within its schedule. By giving building tenants the ability to check the status of their work repair, it gives them piece of mind knowing who is coming and when they will require access.
In-App Photo Reporting
By using photos/videos as well as a description you are able to assess the scale of a repair before a contractor sets foot in the building, no need to pick up the phone! Visual reporting makes it easier than ever to assign jobs to appropriate contractors, before & after photos also clarifies how the repair has been rectified.
Asset & Key Management
Brings clarity and ease of operation to you by bringing everything to do with maintenance in one place. By adding MaintainPad QR labels to asset & keys that are borrowed and moved around enables you to keep track and minimize loss. To manage your rotational assets effectively our mobile signature function lets you know who has borrowed what and for how long, the return reminders make sure they are returned.

Maintenance Staff & External Contractors

Automated Work Queues
Work jobs automatically land in your work queue with photo descriptions, ready to be tendered to trusted contractors or suppliers. Create and manage work orders from any compatible device more efficiently, with all parties involved in repairs able to see the relevant information. There is no need for phone calls or emails, no waiting around for responses.
Quick and Easy Quotes
MaintainPad’s visual reporting system enables contractors to provide instant quotes before stepping foot on site, saving the extra expensive of call outs that don’t end with repair but rely on acquiring parts from suppliers. All quotes and requests are available for landlords and letting agents to manage on the software dashboard which is updated in real time.
Route Planner
Our built-in route planner allows managers to map out and assign route to site contractors. Planned routes can also be changed by contractors in-app for shorter, more efficient ones, the aim is to heighten productivity and keep to tight schedules.
QR Code Scanner
Not only can our scanner function can be used to keep track of keys and assets used by 3rd party contractors or visitors to a site. QR labels are on any item that moves around site or would require maintenance, it keeps record of images, repair history and parts replaced. They can also be used to store information about the item, for example if it were attached to a boiler, the contractor sent to repair it could get more details about the service history and decide if the item would need replacing.


Request parts, supplies, furniture
Once facility managers have given access to supplier's web portal, they will be able to request parts, supplies and furniture through their own portal. Instead of contacting facility manager for details, suppliers can just use the web portal to request these items.
When work orders are completed suppliers will be able to view and receive invoices through their own web portal.
View and track shipment
Suppliers can view and track shipment, this will help them when scheduling their work order to be more efficient and effective.
View pricing and stock availability
When facility manager have posted a job or need for an item. Suppliers will be able to view pricing and stock availability to check if items are in stock or in the correct price range for the client.