Save TIME, MONEY and EFFORT by using MaintainPad

Key Benefits of using MaintainPad

Streamline Communication

Communicating through our app lessens the work disruptions associated with property repairs. No answering phone calls or emails, everyone can see all the information they need in one easy place.

Organised Work Queues

Work arrives in your queue without the need for paper job sheets, and sending documents back and forth. Work can be easily scheduled in one application that all parties can access.

Dependency Management

Save time on complex repairs by knowing who is doing what, when and if they are on schedule. Allowing everyone to see what is prioritised and how any delays might affect work progression.

Equipment Tracking

Always know where your assets are and who is using them by scanning a QR code and confirming who is taking the keys with a signature you can send acknowledgements and reminders to return with receipts for those responsible.

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MaintainPad Features

  • Visual reporting with photos & videos

  • Contractors & suppliers tender

  • Contractor to tenant direct communication

  • Digital job sheets & repair reports

  • Before & after images

  • Asset & key tracking (signatures/QR codes on mobiles)

  • Job checklist & job queues

  • Supplier route planner

  • Multi-site delivery management

  • Compliancy checklists & notifications