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Healthcare with MaintainPad

  • Keys Tracking with QR codes or RFID. No more missing keys.
  • Assets and Equipment tracking. Again with QR codes or RFID. No walkabout for equipment.
  • Stock Control. Know who has taken what, and when. Alerts when stock levels are low.
  • Face Scan Attendance Management, linked with shifts for late/absence notification. Export or connect directly to payroll.
  • Compliance Management. By using checklists you can collect test information in real-time. Any rogue results can be acted upon as soon as checklist is saved, thereby saving a potentially damaging information.
  • Geofencing and RFID for equipment tracking.
  • Feedback. Collect customer feedback on an android tablet. Add your own questions.

Features and Benefits

MaintainPad modules and features

Compliance Management

Keys Tracking

Repair Management

Equipment Tracking

Enhanced Checklists

Customer Feedback


Digital Documents

Stock Control

eTenancy Agreements

Organised Working.
A simple monthly fee.

No set-up costs, no tie-ins or commitment.
We make it easy for you see the benefits of MaintainPad.

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