Letting & Management Agencies

Step Towards Simplicity & Convenience

Letting & Management Agencies

  • Your tenants are able to report faults through the app using photos & videos alongside description.
  • Key management allows you to keep track of all your keys. By scanning them in and out and using signatures, you know who has them and when.
  • Contractors can schedule, accept and complete jobs and reports from their mobile.
  • By authorising maintenance on their mobiles, landlords can fast-track repairs that might normally take days to organise. With quotes, reports and job sheets they are also able to keep track of what is going on in their properties.

Effective Communication

Asset Managment

Alerts & Reminders

Simplified Work Orders

Instant Quotation


Simplified Work Orders

Customised Calendar

Property Maintenance Managers

Effective Communication
Be more effective in communication with MaintainPad, for example having automate communication system with the use of text/ emails alerts and reminders to alert clients with updates and requests status for example. With tenants having the ability to check statues of work orders without contacting you directly. To also having the ability to check when a contractor is coming and who is coming.
Asset Management
MaintainPad QR labels will be on items and parts which needed to regular maintenance or assets of the property. To manage your rotational assets effectively such as tools by using tools booking calendar to managing items within properties. As well as keeping a track of parts used and which suppliers supply those parts and asset valuation and depreciation.
Stay Compliant
This efficient way of working will save time for you, once a test is over due or out of date, the system will flag this so your properties stay compliant and safe. Automation side of MaintainPad, can keep you compliant by assist within reducing paperwork, creating reports, communication aspect, work orders being efficient in putted and worked upon.
App/ Web reporting for tenants
With MaintainPad, you will be more automated and reliable towards tenants and contractors who can inform them of an issue without ring but on their own web portal or App or your own website. This will allow you to assign jobs when they come in. For example when request for repair automatically then assigned to supplier/ contractor, status of work order updated based on contractors input and with tenants signature to signed off job.


Report a problem
Users can report an issue on their own web portal, App or through your website. Allowing users to report faults or issues at anytime, anywhere.
View status and get notifications on status of their request
Tenants can view status and receiving notification of their request through either platform. They can log on themselves and check instead of contacting manager for updates. Have automate communication system with the use of text/emails alerts and reminders to alert tenants with updates and requests status.
Email and Text Alerts
Create customised text and email alerts to relevant contacts when needed e.g. a report of boiler breakdown for a building/property sends text alert to a manager.
View handbooks/user guides for appliances installed in the building/property
Users can view handbooks/guides on MaintainPad, enabling them to read or view content to guide them their problem. Giving staff confidence when using equipment within building/property with ease and without contact their manager.

Clients (Landlords, Owners or Directors)

View statements and status of jobs
You can view statements and status of work orders through MaintainPad. Brings clarity and ease of operation for you by bringing everything to do with maintenance in one place.
Request Quotes for a Job/Project
Offering self-service to yourself and managers using online portal or App to view work order status, to report a problem and request quotes.
Approve repair requests
Using web portal or App clients can approve and view repair request. Without needing to visit the property, as well as checking the costing value is in their budget or not.
Get reminders and alerts
MaintainPad system provides regular alerts and reminders for compliance checks and test. Create customised text and email alerts to relevant contacts when needed e.g. when PAT tests need to be renewed, alerts will be sent.

Maintenance Staff & External Contractors

Work Orders/view jobs and details
Simplify work orders by an easy to use software without having any missing paperwork. Creating and manage work orders using Desktop, Mobile and Tablets quickly and more efficiently. To upload image with their work order and having the ability to gain customer signature when work is completed.
Provide quotes for each job
Quotation management function of MaintainPad, allows contractors to create an instant quote from their App while they're on-site. All quote and requests are available on manager's dashboard to follow up and update.
Route planner
Allow managers to plan and assign routes to site contractors. Sites can also be changed by contractors from App route-planner on map with efficiency of shortest distance.
QR Code Scanner
Scanner function, for contractors to gain background details on items that they are testing. For example, repairing an item contractors will scan the QR code to check when a PAT test was last completed and what was repaired last. MaintainPad QR labels will be on items and parts which needed to regular maintenance or assets of the property. This label will be on all the fixed and rotational assets, to keep a record of images, repair history, parts replaced.