Sectors of MaintainPad

Integrated Calendar & Task Manager

  • Set up reminders so that none of the tasks are ignored or forgotton.
  • Get constant reminders if certain activities get repeated on weekly or monthly basis.
  • Default event types are provided for you as part of the CRM package.
  • Create custom types to schedule events that meet your business requirements.
  • Keep track of all of the upcoming events with built-in task manager.

Security and Access Control

  • Get detailed level of user access and access control that defines a system administrator and standard users.
  • Avail pre-installed roles including CEO, Sales Manager, Accounts Manager and Technical Specialist.
  • Share roles and records and set permissions for private and public users.
  • Create custom user roles and assign access to users and groups as per your organisational needs.
  • Audit and track users’ activities by maintaining activity log in an integrated database.

Inventory Management

  • Observe the variety of products moved into and out of your inventory level by tracking the available stock.
  • Manage the delivery of your products in real time from stores, depots, warehouses.
  • Create variety of price lists and offers on your products based on multi-buys.
  • Maintain your purchasing history for negotiating or reviewing the pricing before placing order with your vendor.
  • Follow-up on certain payments by finding the amount received, owed, in-debt and more.

Secure Data Management

  • Manage all your data in one place on a cloud based CRM system, securely accessed via filtered lists.
  • Intuitive, meaningful and precise dashboards display data that you want to see- each person can modify their dashboards to their own preference.
  • Our CRM's are packed with detailed level user security and access control, including organisational arrangements, groups, roles and team formations.
  • Use pre-defined roles such as Managers to determine who can access the system areas and edit & delete records.